Michael McMillan

Expert Criminal Defence Lawyer, currently working as a consultant for Donnelly Law Group

Choosing the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer

The wrong choice of criminal lawyer will cost you dearly.

A mistake made at any stage of proceedings can jeopardise your liberty, your social and economic well-being and your psychological health.

Be mindful of false claims made by some who post unverifiable written testimonials on their websites. If there is no evidence to support self-serving claims, avoid that firm.

Consider the content of their website—is it informative and factual? Or simply cut-and-paste information about an offence and its possible defence. A great many websites are promoting these criminal lawyers, so if little effort has been put into web content, then this may reflect the effort the lawyer will put into your matter.

Steer clear of firms that make nonsensical claims that their experience comes from a previous career as a police officer, or by adding the total combined years of practice of their firm’s legal team. Experience must be ‘personal’ and acquired as an ‘actual’ criminal defence lawyer.

If a lawyer claims to have appeared in the District or Supreme Courts, ask if they were conducting a trial or appearing on a sentence themselves, or with a barrister. If the answer is the latter, then they do not have the experience they are asserting and should be avoided.

Finally, many firms claim they are the recipient of various awards commending service or expertise. However, upon investigation, many of these awards are without any professional basis. Obviously, this deception is not what you want from a lawyer who holds your future in their hands.

The Right Choice in Criminal Lawyers

The right criminal lawyer should have experience in similar legal matters and have done so as the advocate, not instructing a barrister. They should understand the client’s concerns and the correct path to achieve desirable results. They will also put in the effort and have sterling recommendations from peers and previous clients.

This website is intended to educate the reader and show an understanding of what is required to achieve the desired outcome—as your future depends on it.

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Michael McMillan understands that facing court is an extremely stressful process which can potentially have long-lasting impacts on your livelihood and family.

During this time, it pays to have an experienced criminal lawyer by your side who can help you to understand the complex legal processes, advise you on your options, and assist you—to achieve the best possible outcome.

Michael is an experienced Gold Coast based criminal defence lawyer who works as a consultant for Donnelly Law Group. He is professional, empathetic and understands the importance of providing clear and concise legal advice, without the jargon.

“The practice of law has always been my number one passion and priority, particularly providing defence for those in need”
– Michael McMillan