About Michael

I have always held a very strong view that the most significant feature of a competent criminal lawyer is his ability to persuade. Whether it be to a jury or judge, in a trial or at a sentence, this one feature defines the top-flight practitioners from those that are to be avoided.

Applying this view, I have logged many thousands of hours of court time honing my skills in all jurisdictions and across both Queensland and New South Wales. Those hours amounted to decades and have included half a dozen appearances as an advocate in the most superior court in this State, the Court of Appeal.

There were even a significant number of appearances as a trial advocate in jury trials before the District Courts of both New South Wales and Queensland.

Decades of daily court appearances leave their mark. It’s through fearlessly tackling these cases normally briefed to senior barristers myself, that I gained real insight into how the legal system actually works.

My work is my life. Everybody faced with the overwhelming resources of the State’s investigative and penal system deserves a strong, articulate, persuasive voice. That, for me, is the touchstone of a civilised society.

This is what a real criminal lawyer will do.

“Nothing satisfies me more than convincing a jury or a judge that my client’s conduct is best represented in the way I characterise it.”

I am Michael McMillan, and I am a real criminal lawyer, currently working as a consultant for Donnelly Law Group.

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