Brent Simpson granted bail on trafficking charge

A screenshot of The Clink podcast’s Instagram page promoting Releaf Therapies.

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Gold Coast Lawyer Successfully Secures Bail for Client Facing Drug Trafficking Charges

In a recent development, Brent Simpson, a former Gold Coast bikie, has been granted bail after being charged with drug trafficking related to an alleged illegal cannabis oil syndicate. Simpson, along with his business partner Eden Gall, operates the company Releaf Therapies. The duo was targeted in a series of police raids that uncovered substantial evidence implicating them in drug-related activities, including the possession of dangerous drugs, cash, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and an encrypted mobile phone.

Representing Brent Simpson in court was his defence lawyer, Michael McMillan, who argued that his client did not know that the product he was associated with contained illegal substances. McMillan emphasised that Simpson was merely the “face of” Releaf Therapies due to his podcasting profile and had no financial involvement in the operation. The defence lawyer further pointed out that Simpson’s public promotion of the product on social media indicated he was not intentionally engaging in illegal activities.

Despite objections from the prosecution, Magistrate Ron Kilner granted bail to Brent Simpson on certain conditions. These conditions included reporting to the police regularly and restricting his travel within a 5-kilometre radius of his Gold Coast residence. McMillan expressed his concerns about the restrictive nature of the 5-kilometre condition, likening it to being confined at home. However, this decision highlights the lawyer’s persuasive skills and the court’s acknowledgment of Simpson’s minimal flight risk.

The court also heard that Simpson had a previous drug supply conviction in 2019, for which he received a suspended sentence. However, McMillan argued that Simpson’s open promotion of the product on social media, where he admitted the illegality of CBD products, raised doubts about his intentions to engage in criminal behaviour.

Relief Therapies, the company associated with the alleged drug trafficking, had been selling a range of cannabidiol (CBD) oil products. Police claim that CBD oil imported from the United States contained illegal substances. Nonetheless, McMillan maintained that there was no evidence to suggest that Simpson knowingly distributed the illegal product.

The successful grant of bail to Brent Simpson is a significant achievement for defence lawyer Michael McMillan, who effectively argued his client’s limited involvement and lack of knowledge regarding the illegal contents of the product. The case is set to continue, with Simpson due to appear in court again on August 24.


Brent Simpson was granted bail after being charged with the offence of trafficking illegal cannabis oil. Simpson’s lawyer Michael McMillan told a court his client did not know the product he was the “face of” allegedly contained a dangerous drug. His bail was granted on the condition he regularly reported to the police and did not travel more than 5km from his home. Gold Coast Defence lawyer Michael McMillan described the bail conditions as “jail at home.” Michael McMillan told the court there was no evidence his client knew the product contained an illegal substance. He told the Magistrate that his client Mr Simpson was simply the “face of” Releaf Therapies because of his podcasting profile. Mr Simpson, of Palm Beach, was charged with one count of trafficking dangerous drugs, two counts of supplying dangerous drugs, and three counts of possession of dangerous drugs.

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