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Why work with Michael?

The wrong choice of criminal lawyer can cost you dearly.

A mistake made at any stage of criminal proceedings can jeopardise your future and your reputation so it’s crucial to obtain legal advice and protect your rights.

Any person accused of committing a criminal offence deserves a strong, articulate, persuasive voice to speak in their defence.

IIf you are facing criminal charges in Sydney, you must seek legal representation from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Michael McMillan has decades of experience working with his clients to achieve the best possible outcome in their cases. 

Contact Criminal Defence Attorney Michael McMillan for assistance and legal advice on 0409 273 430.

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Criminal charges are serious offences and could result in a term of imprisonment without the right legal counsel.


Criminal Matters

Drink Driving (DUI)

Drug Offences

Domestic Violence Offences

Assault Matters

Sexual Matters

Meet Your Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney

Facing criminal charges in Sydney NSW can be both a daunting and overwhelming experience.

As a criminal lawyer with extensive experience, Michael understands that every individual going through the legal process deserves a strong and compassionate advocate by their side.

My passion for representing those who have been accused of a crime stems from my belief that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and to have their voice heard.

Michael has dedicated his life to helping people navigate our complex legal system. He takes great pride in being able to provide his clients with knowledge, expertise and support during this difficult time.

With each case he handles, Michael approaches it with the utmost care and attention, understanding the gravity of the situation for his clients and their loved ones.

Don’t risk your freedom – Talk to Michael McMillan about your criminal law matter before it’s too late.

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