Gold Coast Glassing Offender Avoids Jail

Video: Gold Coast Glassing Offender Avoids Jail

A Gold Coast man has avoided jail when the judge granted his victim (his ex-partner) her wish not to send him to jail so that their son could have his father around.

In a rare reprieve, the judge determined that the young boy wouldn’t recover from the emotional trauma of not having his father around, and that the young mother was heavily reliant on financial support from the accused and would be forced to move out of their home if the defendant was sent to jail. 

Michael McMillan represented the accused and was able to achieve a positive outcome despite the serious nature of the offense. While the judge made the statement that while “people could not pay their way out of jail, compensation can be seen as a genuine way of showing remorse.”

The accused will pay $10,000 in compensation for the victim’s injuries however the emotional cost is much higher. 

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