Michelle Wallace Faces Court On Fraud Charges

Michael McMillan Representing Michelle Wallace.


News Reader: A Molendinar woman who pleaded guilty to stealing millions from an Upper Coomera nursing home has faced court. Michelle Wallace now claims that she has paid back most of the money but is still looking at more than a decade behind bars.

Reporter (Alex Bernhardt): Nursing home fraudster Michelle Wallace leaving the court for what could be the last time.

Michelle Wallace: I’ve always felt sorry for what I’ve done.

Reporter: The 50-year-old is facing the possibility of 12 years jail for stealing over 3.5 million dollars from Upper Coomera’s Homestead Nursing Home.

Michael McMillan: The Crown is seeking the maximum period of imprisonment for her so it will ruin her life.

Reporter: Wallace was the nursing homes, financial controller. Over 4 years the business owner used her position to make 340 electronic transfers to help her cash-strapped restaurants. But told us at least she’d paid back all but 1 million dollars. (to Ms Wallace)The prosecution is saying that you haven’t paid a cent back. How do you prove that you did?

Michelle Wallace: No comment

Reporter: Her lawyer now has two months to come up with evidence of the repayments. Wallace will be sentenced in mid-November.