Regency Downs trio sells homegrown drugs to fund operation

Numerous Lockyer Valley residents have been busted growing marijuana in their back yards.

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Lockyer Drug Producers Face Legal Consequences with Fines Imposed

In recent court proceedings, drug producers in Lockyer Valley have faced charges and been issued fines for their illicit activities. This year alone, the region has witnessed several cases involving individuals charged with growing drugs within their homes. The Gatton Magistrates Court has presided over numerous instances, ranging from small-scale operations with a few plants to more elaborate and sophisticated setups.

Among those involved in drug production were three individuals from Lockyer Valley, namely Darren Troy McVey, Felicity Maree Moore, and Tyesen Matthew Barker. Their operation involved not only growing a substantial amount of cannabis for personal use but also selling the drug to sustain their operation. During a police search at their Regency Downs property, law enforcement discovered approximately 325 grams of cannabis leaf and a total of 58 cannabis plants.

During the court hearing on April 19, their legal representative, Michael McMillan of McMillan Criminal Law, acknowledged the operation’s sophistication but also conceded that it fell short of being commendable. Evidence revealed the presence of multiple grow tents housing cannabis plants at various stages of growth, ranging from small to adult-sized.

All three individuals pleaded guilty to several charges, including possessing drug utensils or pipes, possessing items used in the commission of a crime, possessing dangerous drugs, producing dangerous drugs, and supplying dangerous drugs. Moore also pleaded guilty to receiving or possessing property obtained from trafficking or supplying drugs. While Barker had no conviction recorded, both Moore and McVey received convictions.


The Gatton Magistrates Court has heard multiple cases of drug growing cases from a few plants to major sophisticated operations. Darren Troy McVey, Felicity Maree Moore and Tyesen Matthew Barker had almost 325g of cannabis leaf in their possession along with 58 plants at their Regency Downs property. Criminal defence lawyer Michael McMillan said while it was a “sophisticated” operation, it ”wasn’t great”. Police found tents containing 58 cannabis plants ranging from small to adult-sized.They all pleaded guilty to:

  • possessing utensils or pipes
  • two charges of possessing anything used in the commission of a crime
  • possessing dangerous drugs
  • producing dangerous drugs
  • supplying dangerous drugs.

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