Terror Suburbs

Video: Terror Suburbs

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Crime has been skyrocketing in quiet neighbourhoods of South East Queensland, with many residents surprised to find out that serious offences have occured in nearby streets.

The Queensland Crime Map is a website that shows police data for a range of offences such as homicide, robberies, break and enters and drug offences.

According to Michael McMillan, one area that is seeing a spike in violent assaults is the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Upper Kedron had a 250% increase in assaults, while Chermside, Ferny Grove and Nundah have also shown a rise in crime. It appears that the rate of crime is growing more rapidly than the commissioner is dispencing officers to patrol these areas which is one of the reasons these suburbs are growing as crime hotspots.

Fortunately crime is not increasing at the same rate in southern Brisbane suburbs or the Gold Coast, though the crime map shows an increase in property damage in these areas such as vandalism and graffiti.

If you’re moving house, lawyers recommend viewing the crime map to check what offences have occurred in the area, what cases have been closed and what remains unsolved. You can view the Queensland Crime Map website here.

The map helps citizens be more aware of their environment though something the police highly recommend is getting to know your neighbours – having good neighbours is incredibly valuable as they can let you know what’s going on when you’re not at home.