A Current Affair – Hate Thy Neighbour

Video: A Current Affair – Hate Thy Neighbour

A long-standing feud between neighbours on Bribie Island ended in a violent street brawl, and a lengthy court case.

The altercation, ultimately resulting in Mrs Dawson being hit in the face by her neighbour Mr Shotten, was filmed by Mrs Dawson’s 16-year-old daughter Kaitlyn. But despite the video evidence, the Dawsons was unjustly charged with assault against the Shottens. 

It took 3 years for the case to finally be resolved, with a magistrate throwing the police case out, saying the Shottens “were not impressive witnesses”.

Since the incident, the Dawson family has left Queensland to escape the ongoing torment from the Shottens. The magistrate awarded the Dawsons more than $30,000 in court costs which will have to be paid for by the police.