Brisbane Crime Spree – Arden Flanders

Video: Brisbane Crime Spree – Arden Flanders

Presenter: A man who went on a violent crime spree on Brisbane’s south side has been refused bail. The 21-year-old is accused of stabbing a man, and later stealing a 4-wheel drive with 2 pet dogs inside. Simon Love has more;

Simon Love: The accused man who now won’t be home for Christmas is 21-year-old Arden Flanders. He’s been refused bail after allegedly stealing a 4-wheel drive at a Greenbank petrol station which had 2 pet dogs inside. One of the pets, Snoopy, is still missing.

Simon Love: When opposing bail, police alleged Flanders had earlier committed a violent armed robbery using a 12cm hunting knife, to stab an innocent victim. His father, William, had offered to put up a $10,000 bond before the court, so that his son could be bailed. But, that was refused.

To Father: Do you believe your son deserves a chance?

William Ardent: He deserves a chance, but I’ve got nothing more to say.

Simon Love: His lawyer argued Flanders has mental health issues

Michael McMillan: It seems as though his mental health issues haven’t been treated before, so the footing upon which the bail application was put, was that if he got out we would be able to treat them.

Simon Love: But the magistrate agreed with the prosecution that injuries caused during his crimes were horrific, and innocent people and animals were hurt. So the 21-year-old will remain behind bars, but the search continues for innocent Snoopy.