Cases of sexual assault are rising on the Gold Coast

Video: Cases of sexual assault are rising on the Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast


Newsreader: It’s happening right here in the Surfers Paradise party precinct. Police say the number of sexual offences are skyrocketing this last financial year, that includes really serious cases of rape and attempted rape in this so called “safe night precinct”. Authorities say that they they will be clamping down hard on any predators that they catch taking advantage of drunk party-goers or just party-goers in general. If you do go out that’s fine, but make sure you keep an eye on your mates.

Newsreader: Well, a local lawyer, he has a different idea. He’s calling for even tougher liquor licensing laws and more police walking the streets.

Michael McMillan: The problem is clearly alcohol related so there needs to be some education and restriction of alcohol consumption and sales in these areas and there needs to be more police.

Newsreader: Whatever the solution is, something needs to be happening soon to stop this disturbing trend.