Driver Glen King Avoids Jail After Foolish Chase

Michael McMillan Representing Glen King.


News Reader: If this guy was your friend you wouldn’t need enemies. A 29 year old Carrara dad has fronted court after ramming a car several times and forcing a driver off the road. Why? Just a bit of fun. He mistakenly thought they were his mates.

Reporter (Alex Bernhardt): An abrupt end to a dangerous 30 minute game of cat and mouse. 3 cars with 11 teenage passengers chasing each other on some of our busiest roads. A KIA rio forced to take to the footpath trying to escape before this crash right outside Surfers Paradise police station.

Michael McMillan: Once he realised that the conduct that he and the other vehicle were involved in caused an accident I’m sure he realised it was a terrifying ordeal.

Reporter: Today with his partner and five month old baby Glen King left court lucky to avoid jail. (To Mr King) Do you realise how dangerous your behaviour was Mr King? (Narrating) Their foolish stunt started with occupants of two cars hurling eggs and rocks at each other. The 29 year old thought they were friends so he joined in in so called fun until things got heated.

Michael McMillan: I’m sure he didn’t think it was funny at that stage.

Reporter: King started his childish chase on Pappas Way at Nerang and then continued at high speed along Nerang Broadbeach Road before heading straight for Surfers Paradise. (To camera) King has an appalling traffic history. He’d already lost his license for two years when he was arrested by police this time. He’d also been disqualified from driving 8 times before that. (Narrating) King was ordered to perform 150 hours of community service and lost his license for 15 months.