Man fined for Road Rage on Bus Driver

Man fined for Road Rage

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News Reader:A Sydney man has pleaded guilty to assaulting a Gold Coast bus driver in a violent road rage attack at Surfers Paradise earlier this month. John Holmes says he’s sorry but today wouldn’t apologise to his victim.

Reporter (Hayley Webb): John Holmes was driving down Ferny Avenue earlier this month when due to road works the bus was forced to merge in front of him. Holmes took evasive action! He was enraged, thinking he’d been cut off.

Michael McMillan: It’s very difficult when the multiple roads merge into different lanes and they’re not properly marked and things like that. I think it upsets a lot of people.

Reporter: The court heard Holmes waited until the bus pulled over at its next stop. Veering in front, the 46 year old blocked its exit before jumping onto the bus and cursing the driver.

John Holmes: “You need to learn some f*****g manners mate. That wasn’t very f*****g nice of you.”

Reporter: Police say he then grabbed the driver’s arm and elbowed him in the face. The court heard Holmes was so cut up by what he’d done, he immediately drove himself to the nearest police station and waited 45 minutes to hand himself in.

Michael McMillan: Things have been difficult for him, he hasn’t been able to sleep properly. He honestly was quite upset by it.

Reporter: Holmes today pleaded guilty to common assault and was fined $800. Another $200 will go in restitution to the bus driver who suffered back and neck pain after the incident.