Murder Extradition – Edward Lord

Video: Murder Extradition – Edward Lord – Update

Police are preparing evidence for a Bonogin man, Edward Lord, to be extradited to Tweed Heads court in an attempt to upgrade his sentence from ‘Negligent driving causing death’ to ‘Murder’.

Lord’s lawyer, Michael McMillan is resisting the extradition due to there being no evidence that the charge should be upgraded.

Presenter 1: NSW police have attempted to extradite a Bonogin man they claim murdered his wife. Edward Lord was driving the car he and his wife Michelle were travelling in before it plunged into the Tweed River in 2015.

Presenter 2: This is one of the last times that Michelle was seen alive with her husband of 25 years at a Tumbulgum tavern in October 2015. 90 minutes later the car the couple were travelling in plunged into the Tweed River. Police claim Michele’s husband dragged her from the car and performed CPR in an attempt to save her life. Now he could be charged with her murder. Edward Lord was arrested at his Bonogin home yesterday afternoon.

Michael McMillan: He came home yesterday after an ordinary day. As he tried to enter his premises he was grabbed by police.

Presenter 2: Lord is already facing a charge of negligent driving causing death over the crash, but NSW police today filed paperwork in the Southport Court saying they intend to upgrade that charge to murder, seeking an extradition to Tweed Heads court, but Lord’s lawyer is resisting the order.

Michael McMillan: There’s no evidence in there to support the need for him to be extradited and there is no evidence that the charge should be upgraded.

Presenter 2: Lord will now spend the night here in the Southport watch house, while NSW police work to produce evidence for why he should be extradited to Tweed Heads court tomorrow.

Michael McMillan: If he’s taken across the border and charged, he’ll have to go before a Supreme Court. He won’t have an application heard for bail in a Supreme Court down in Sydney until April.