Rise in Crime on the Gold Coast

Video: Rise in Crime on the Gold Coast

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Newsreader: A wave of crime flooding our streets and it’s our midnorth thats drowning.

David Crisafulli: What we are seeing is that, piece by piece people feel as though their safety is being taken away from them.

Newsreader: Runaway Bay recording a 200% jump in robberies in just 12 months.

Runaway Bay Resident: We’re facing an environment where there’s too little resources to cover our exapansion on the Coast.

Newsreader: The area (Runaway Bay) isn’t alone with police stats showing that between 2015 – 2016, assaults rose a staggering 75% on the coast. The number of robberies spiked by 24%, shockingly there has been a 45% increase in people breaching their Domestic Violence (DV) protection orders. Criminologists say that police resources aren’t the issue but where they are deployed is what needs to be looked at.

Lorraine Mazerolle: Shifting resources around, the time of day, the day of week and making sure that the resources are put there from a preventative perspective.

Newsreader: Experts say the crime spike can also be attributed to an increase in young offenders, who even admit that the consequences aren’t harsh enough to deter them.

Michael McMillan: Courts extend them considerable leniency up until they become adults and in fact, sometimes it seems the damage might have already occurred.

Newsreader: QLD Police was contacted for comment.