Security Guard Attacked

Video: Assault Charge After Security Guard Attacked

Video summary:

This video looks at a recent case where a father and two sons were charged with the assault of a security guard. The incident occured in June 2015 at a Tugun rugby league club and all began when the two brothers got into a fight between themselves. The security guard tried to intervene and break up the altercation when the brothers turned on him. The security guard was repeatedly punched and pushed. The brawl escalated to the point where the father of the brothers became involved which resulting in the security guard being stomped.

While in court, the trio pleaded guilty to the assault charges. The two sons received a suspended sentence, while the father was handed a good behaviour bond.

Criminal lawyer Michael McMillan represented the three men and made the following statement following the outcome:

“The 2 sons were punished for their unfortunate conduct toward the bouncer, I think they were probably hoping for something a little bit less significant as punishment, but it probably fit the bill”.

The men were also ordered to pay compensation.